Volleyball Officiating

UpdatedMonday July 30, 2018 byPat Moore.

CYC South Central Volleyball game officials must

 - Be members of the 2018-2019 CYC SOA Association and  

 - Complete the 2018 CYC South Central Requirements for Volleyball Officials.

2018-2019 CYC SOA Association Registration

When registration is open for the 2018-2019 CYC SOA Association, the link will appear below.

    2018-2019 CYC SOA Registration

2018 CYC South Central Requirements for Volleyball Officials


To become a CYC South Central Volleyball Game Official, (referee or scorekeeper) you need to complete the registration sheet and test which are in one Excel document.  If a grade of 92% is not achieved on the test, then you must attend a clinic on rules. First-year referees are required to take one of the two clinics sponsored by the South Central District. A date for a scorekeepr clinic will be available also.  The dates and locations will be announced soon. 

Perform the following tasks to submit a test:

  1. Download the test document HERE.
  2. When the file is downloaded, please rename it to "VB_LastNameFirstName"
    • If your name is Mary Smith, then the name of the file should be VB_SmithMary.
    • You may need to Enable Editing.
  3. Complete the Registration Sheet found on the first tab and the Referee Test found on the second tab. Please do not touch the third tab of the spread sheet.
  4. Email the file that you have renamed to the following email address. The file should have three tabs which are the Registration Sheet, Referee Test, and Summary Sheet.