Basketball Schedules/Results

Updated Wednesday April 4, 2018 by Pat Moore.

Basketball Schedules/Results

To view Results and Standings or Standings, click on the choice for the grade/gender found below.  There are two options for each grade and gender.

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2018 Unscheduled Games

2018 Unused Gym Slots


 2018 Schedules/Results                         2018 Standings

3Boys Schedule and Results                   3Boys Standings

3Girls Schedule and Results                   3Girls Standings

4Boys Schedule and Results                   4Boys Standings                       

4Girls Schedule and Results                   4Girls Standings   

5Boys Schedule and Results                   5Boys Standings

5Girls Schedule and Results                   5Girls Standings                 

6Boys Schedule and Results                   6Boys Standings

6Girls Schedule and Results                    6Girls Standings    

7Boys Schedule and Results                   7Boys Standings                       

7Girls Schedule and Results                    7Girls Standings    

8Boys Schedule and Results                    8Boys Standings

8Girls Schedule and Results                    8Girls Standings


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Column Headings for 2017 Report on Standings:


Won:  # Played Games Won

Lost:  # Played Games Lost

Tied:  # Played Games Tied

Ply:  # Games Played (Won+Lost+Tired)

Avg Scrd:  Average Points Scored

Avg Allwed:  Average Points Allowed

FW:  # Games Won by Forfeit

FL:  # Games Lost by Forfeit

CW:  # Games Canceled by Opponent

CL:  # Games Canceled

CWth:  # Games Canceled Due to Weather