Volleyball Schedules and Standings

Updated Wednesday November 15, 2017 by Pat Moore.


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Schedules by Grade/Gender:


3Boys       3Girls

4Boys       4Girls

5Boys       5Girls

6Boys       6Girls

7Boys       7Girls

8Boys       8Girls

PBoys       PGirls


Results by Grade/Gender

3Boys       3Girls

4Boys       4Girls

5Boys       5Girls

6Boys       6Girls

7Boys       7Girls

8Boys       8Girls

PBoys       PGirls      


Stats by Grade/Gender

3Boys       3Girls

4Boys       4GIrls

5Boys       5Girls

6Boys       6Girls

7Boys       7Girls

8Boys       8Girls

PBoys       PGirls



9/2/2017:  The schedules have been posted.  The schedules for the parochial leagues require some more negotiating so that will happen later.  The slots do appear in the reports by league and gym but you will see there is no option for the schedule.

You will notice that the formats are different.  We are using a new scheduling system and we will be making some adjustments.

Both soccer and volleyball will need to look for overlaps on Fri's and Sun's for volleyball and soccer.  There should be less than last year because I was able to block out some teams automatically.

10/4/2017  0603  Schedules updated.

10/5/2017  0535  Schedules updated.

10/10/2017  0554  Schedules updated.

10/11/2017  0545  Schedules updated.

10/12/2017  0600  Schedules updated.

10/13/2017  0535  Schedules updated.

10/17/2017  0449  Schedules updated.

10/18/2017  0545  Schedules updated.

10/19/2017  0635  Schedules updated.

10/20/2017  0600  Schedules updated.

10/24/2017  0517  Schedules updated.

10/24/2017  1746  Stats updated.

10/26/2017  0524  Schedules updated.

11/1/2017  0544  Schedules updated.

11/2/2017  0548  Schedules updated.

11/3/2017  0433  Schedules updated.

11/5/2017  0518  Schedules updated.

11/8/2017  0543  Stats updated.

11/9/2017  0546  Stats updated.

11/9/2017  1611  Stats updated.  Fixed some incorrect reporting.

11/10/2017  0615  Only schedules updated.

11/11/2017  0620  Only schedules updated.

11/12/2017  0705  Only results/stats updated.

11/13/2017  0530  Results/stats updated.

11/14/2017  1845  Results/stats updated.