Basketball Post Season

UpdatedTuesday March 17, 2020 byPat Moore.

2/23/2020  10:59 Changes
Changes were made to 6B1, 6B2, 6B3, 8B3, and 6G2 for the following:

Start times for 6B1-1 and 6B3-2 were flipped.
8B3 updated so HR not playing on Fri.
6B2-6 and 6G2-5 exchanged gym slots due to St Roch double rostered teams.

2/25/2020 5:41 Changes

MQP-Lodes and Holy Redeemer-Leesman swapped places in the 8B4 bracket due to an HR conflict.

TBD removed for 8G2-1

5G3-1.  Holy Redeemer is forfeiting.

8G Small-2 changed to TBD.

2/25  4:53 PM

Finals for 8G2 and 8G3 may change venues based on winners.

6G Small Game on Sun 3/1 is canceled.

2/27 03:57 Changes

Game times for 7B3-3 and 7B3-4 were changed.

Game times for 8B2-3 and 8G1-3 changed.

SRA forfeited 7G2-4.

2/28 05:01 Changes

Schedule for 7B5-2 and 7B5-3 was updated.

2/28 11:43 AM Changes

8G3-3 has been forfeited

2/28  2:49 PM

St Ambrose is forfeiting this game

3/1 07:34 AM

Games 8G2-5 and 8G4-3 exchanged gym slots.

3/17  6:02 AM

Will update again when results from St Joan of Arc are submitted.

2020 Basketball Post Season

We expect spirited competition in these games.  We assume everyone will conduct themselves professionally exhibiting great sportsmanship.  Let's work as a team to make every game a great  event for our young athletes.  If there are challenges with misbehavior, we have instructed our officials to exhibit no leniency because "this is the playoffs".  Exhibiting good sportsmanship is one of the rules of the game.  This is an infraction like any other infraction from the rulebook.  The head coach is responsible for the behavior of the team and fans.  The head coach is the negotiator if there are challenges.  Since the head coach been delegated as your representative, let the head coach do the job.  We do not need others participating in this process.


District Playoffs

     Click HERE for PDF of Boys' District Brackets

     Click HERE for PDF of Girls' District Brackets

Boys' Tom Elder Brackets

     Click HERE for PDF for 5Boys

     Click HERE for PDF for 6Boys

     Click HERE for PDF for 7Boys

     Click HERE for PDF for 8Boys

Girls' Tom Elder Brackets

     Click HERE for PDF for 5Girls

     Click HERE for PDF for 6Girls

     Click HERE for PDF for 7Girls

     Click HERE for PDF for 8Girls



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